The Taming of the Queue : Alexander McQueen at the MET

McQueen said, “I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.” There was a looming fear in the rooms as we walked the Alexander McQueen exhibit showing at the MET in NYC today. Primitivism, Romanticism, Gothic Curiosities and Autobiographical nods are ever present as his pieces attempt to tell their story…an often mind-boggling, mouth dropping (watering) story. There was a 2 hour wait for non-members, and though we skipped the line as membership card holders, we can attest that the wait would be well worth it. We can’t think of any other artist that would be worthy of such a line, but this Disneyland-like experience this crowd implies is quickly debauched when you step into that first room.  It’s a dark, yet remarkable fairytale, to say the least.

One highlight was to see the opening of his 2006 Autumn/Winter ’06 show in Paris when Kate Moss appeared as a hologram. To see it as an actual hologram was what made this so fantastic.


Such a heartbreak to see these pieces upclose; that this brilliant, damaged and depressed mind won’t ever use those genius hands again….

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